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Mapping the firefly genome

A team of Rochester biologists is the first to successfully sequence the firefly genome, which could help us better understand bioluminescence.

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Rationality, Evidence, and Public Discourse

As part of a three-part lecture series in September, philosopher Richard Feldman will explore how reasonable people can disagree.

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Patient plays saxophone, surgeons remove brain tumor

Scientists, physicians, and musicians from across the University worked together to shed new light on how the brain processes music.

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Icy air reveals higher human-made methane levels

Studying ancient air from Antarctica “simplifies the picture and allows us to estimate natural geologic sources [of methane emissions] very accurately,” says Vasilii Petrenko.

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Textual scientists salvage manuscripts

Gregory Heyworth applies forensic science to literature and history when he recovers the lost words and images of cultural heritage objects.

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Majors & Minors

Pursue a degree or take courses in arts and humanities, natural sciences, or social sciences.

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Graduate Studies

Nationally recognized programs characterized by close contact between students and faculty.

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Embracing creativity, broadening our understanding of how the world works, and gaining insights into society.

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Gloria Culver

Defining the future of arts, sciences

A strong liberal arts education is at the heart of the School of Arts and Sciences, and at the University of Rochester. For us, this means sparking curiosity, a thirst for knowledge, and a drive to conduct research of global consequence.

Today, there is a blurring of lines between disciplines, and our faculty have become increasingly inter- and multi-disciplinary. The same is true—perhaps more so—for our students.

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