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Prison education initiative awarded $1M Mellon Foundation grant

While education is a short-term goal, the long-term goal of the Rochester Education Justice Initiative is social change.

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Mathematical model will monitor spread of COVID-19

National Science Foundation grant enables Rochester computational scientists to develop the tool for policymakers.

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Reopening the US will do little to restore the economy

A Rochester economist says multiple factors—not just stay-at-home orders—combined to generate the coronavirus-related economic collapse.

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Majors & Minors

Pursue a degree or take courses in arts and humanities, natural sciences, or social sciences.

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Graduate Studies

Nationally recognized programs characterized by close contact between students and faculty.

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Embracing creativity, broadening our understanding of how the world works, and gaining insights into society.

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George Ashley Semien ’98, ’02M (MD), ’06M (Res) and his husband, Richard Santiago.

June 2020


Our nation is experiencing tremendous stress, pain and anguish, and unprecedented societal challenges. Alumni and friends of the University of Rochester continue to ask how they can help and create positive change. This year, please consider supporting the Financial Aid Emergency Fund. School of Arts & Sciences alumnus and member of the AS&E National Council, Dr. George Semien ’98, ’02M (MD), ’06M (Res) and his husband, Mr. Richard Santiago, are matching gifts of support to the fund.

“Richard and I both come from disadvantaged backgrounds. It has given us a unique opportunity to see the world through a special lens as we grow. We decided to give to the emergency fund because of an ongoing issue: disparity. Today, more than ever, we see disparities: socially, economically, politically, and in access to healthcare and education, to name a few. What better way to positively influence our youth than to contribute to the University of Rochester and stand in solidarity by supporting education to reduce these disparities!”

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The Inspiration Project

A collaborative effort between the University of Rochester and CP Rochester, the Inspiration Project is a volunteer program that connects University of Rochester students with consumers served by CP Rochester.

During the spring semester, students who show strength in writing are paired with an adult from CP Rochester and together, the pairs work to produce a complete, purposeful, polished work, in the form of a story, a short memoir, or a selection of poems.

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Students in Italy

Lisio Program in Italian Studies

The Arnold Lisio ’56, ’60M (MD) and Anne Moore Lisio Italian Studies Program supports University of Rochester students and faculty in their understanding of and appreciation for the language, art, culture, and history of Italy. The Lisio program funds:

  • Student scholarship prizes
  • Summer fellowships
  • Faculty and program grants
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Gloria Culver

Defining the future of the School of Arts & Sciences

Few institutions embrace the deliberate intersections between disciplines like the University of Rochester. The School of Arts & Sciences celebrates and encourages those intersections through interdisciplinary collaboration that helps create an environment where inquisitive, creative, and entrepreneurial people can develop and thrive. We are performers, artists, scientists, and scholars who are bound together by our deep passion and commitment to creative thinking and excellence in education.

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